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Tuvalu National Library & Archive - Tuvalu

Public Library & Archive
Project location: Funafuti, Tuvalu

The project vision is to create a high-quality sustainable Tuvalu Campus for the University of the South Pacific (USP). The design of the gifted site by the Tuvalu Government works to integrate with the existing natural amenity and infrastructure inherent to the site. A significant process in developing the concept response has come from an extensive wide-reaching consultation process with both USP and Tuvalu Government in Fiji and Tuvalu.

As a solution TNLA key requirements for the development of the concept design was to provide three primary spaces:

  • A repository solution housed in a purpose-built archive storage facility to store vital archives material and provide future growing archiving needs
  • A National Library facility to operate as an information hub for the Tuvalu people and Government
  • A Cultural Exhibition space to enable the rich Tuvalu cultural heritage to be exhibited for educational purposes

Design Features

  • Natural light
  • Floor raised above the ground to improve cooling and avoid flooding
  • 200 solar panels on the roof to generate electricity
  • 3.3 megalitres of roof water collected and filtrated for drinking and other service’s needs
  • Display space to exhibit the rich Tuvaluan Heritage
  • Cultural space to promote the local artist and promote Tuvaluan Art
  • Teaching facility for art and cultural classes

The overall library design consists of three floors which include a basement with water tanks and soaker pit, the ground floor which has building services, an active archive & administration area, vehicular access & circulation area. The first floor includes a permanent archive & administration area, cultural & exhibition area, library area.

A study was undertaken to analyse the site and space needs of student loads, highlight opportunities and issues that inform the architectural concept with high-level costs for the development of a new Campus facility on the recently acquired land from the Tuvalu Government located 800m from the current Campus. The proposed concept design meets the projected student & staff growth needs at its Tuvalu Campus and is guided by the University’s Campus Development Framework.

The plan houses, the library and the document materials which is the storage facility of the Tuvalu Heritage. The construction is the Cultural presentation space work inside the new office that is the focal centre space that partitions the library and the Archive. With a diverse range of functions, the library will be able to provide a service to the people of Tuvalu and its users that is demographically diverse in age group, educational material content and geographic integration with other Tuvalu islands beyond Funafuti.

The plan proposition by DesignLife is for a vault arrangement, which is to be housed in a purpose-built archive storage facility to store essential data’s and things concerning future archiving needs.