Design Life Consulting

Truman St Development

Luxury Unit Development

The scope was to maximise the property area through infrastructure with a design that caters for a homely feel to the accommodates.

The design of this house is more free-form and artistic, taking cues from all types of design rather than as a response to the times.

  • Digitally Printed tiles in the Bath Area
  • Digitally Printed Window
  • Rooms with designer lights
  • Automated control audiovisual, security system
  • Features two brick pattern facade
  • Hardwood flooring

DesignLife is involved in the design, planning & building permit and project management. The design proposed by us is for sustainability, eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The House consists of two units with 4 bedrooms, a car parking area, kitchen and a huge living area. The main philosophy is to create a design of cultural artifacts by using walls as a unique piece of artwork.