Design Life Consulting

Temple – Fiji

Location: Navua, Fiji
Project Status: Concept Design
Client: Navua Ram Mandali

Navua Ram Mandali wanted to construct a temple dedicated to people who follow and worship Lord Shiva and Hinduism.

The temple is designed in a two-storey structure with a community prayer hall on the second floor. The community hall is an all in one space that includes all the facilities like public toilets, prayer room and office space. The concept is a typical temple design and the facade is designed in the form of a linga, elliptical egg-shaped representing Shiva. The facade lighting is designed in a unique manner which enables the rays to come out in the elliptical form.

Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. DesignLife came up with a design that not only matches the cultural heritage but also goes according to the Vaastu. The temple is designed according to Vaastu and generate positive energy through the external space in the temple which provides peace of mind and harmony.

Space where devotees can perform worship services and meet for small cultural events. The first floor houses the Shiva temple where devotees can come and pray as per the allocated time by the temple authorities. The entry wall is symbolic of the presiding deity of the temple and is lit at night to give an effulgence effect.

The design departs from typical temple design and the form of linga (elliptical form) is represented as Shiva in the Facade.