Design Life Consulting

South Kingsville Development

Urban Design

The scope was to maximize the property area through infrastructure with a design that creates a homely environment. The requirement included demolishing the existing home and redesigning new units. There are two units which face towards the main road and one unit towards the rear. The front two units are two stories and the rear one contains a single level. The overall planning is aligned as per the local town council planning scheme regulations.

Design Features

  • This luxury architectural designed contemporary unit is typically innovative technology
  • The form of the development aligns with the local neighborhood character, except for the upper floor façade where there is a desire to create interest

DesignLife offered the full service which is design, planning & building permit and project management. The design proposed offers sustainability initiatives, eco-friendly materials and is energy-efficient. The development consists of two units with 3 bedrooms, 2 car parking area, kitchen and a huge living area, laundry and dining area while the rear unit contains 2 bedrooms. The usable rear footprint posed a challenge due to the rear easement, which was resolved with the design of grouping open plan living grouped with ancillary and bedroom functions.

The proposed construction is mainly comprised of two units divided by a central fire-rated wall to maximize the land potential DesignLife Consulting proposed 3 units. Denser living in the local area is being encouraged as a result of increased housing demand, without comprising outdoor green space and quality. The challenge of this project is to strike a balance between open and developed built areas to create a quality of life in denser built spaces.