Design Life Consulting

Our Expertise

DesignLife delivers a wide range of architectural development projects that excel at their purposes.

Residential Architecture!

At DesignLife, we strive for perfection, creativity and reliability to amalgamate the technical aspects of contemporary architecture with the dreams and needs of our clients to create innovative & urban designs.

Our architects offer unique and customized design solutions. After understanding client requirements, we then consider factors such as environment, legislation, culture, and locality. Our committed team is engaged for further review after which clients are provided with a full- fledged design presentation, before the commencement of the main work.

Commercial Design

We design our concepts based on sustainability and the scalability needed from the perspective of both current and future demands.

Every town or establishment also has a set of structural requirements and regulations which is taken into consideration. When it comes to designing and building a commercial property we value and understand the importance of the extensive research needed on the environment, area, space, accessibility, and other civil requirements.

Our team of professionals thoroughly study these key aspects beforehand so that architects can consider them accordingly for the blend needed when arriving at the design.

Interior Design

Interiors are a vital element in any property, be it residential or commercial. Our experts at DesignLife look at every minute detail of the client needs as part of the interior design creation. DesignLife can also align the client’s property design needs with their zodiac charts. This is an optional service if the customer wants the interior setup and concept as the horoscope.

Master Planning

We understand that the future is uncertain, but we offer master planning services for larger projects that consider projected growth, ground and weather conditions, access to building materials and sustainability factors.

We study each aspect very carefully so that the finished construction will be robust enough to face ever-changing adverse weather conditions as well as scalable for future growth. By not limiting ourselves to conventional construction methods, we can offer solutions to a range of environmental, growth and sustainability challenges as part of the project planning process.

Project Management

Our solutions in property designing and building follow a structured and customized procedure. While the client’s needs are always first, our expert team can engage with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that all areas of the build are covered at a granular level.

Detailed reports and briefings are shared with the client at every stage of the project to ensure transparency and everything is aligned with their needs.

Add-On Service Vaastu Design

How to Design as per your Zodiac Sign or Horoscope?

There are millions of stars in the sky and, for some people, these stars and planets play a vital role in their life through zodiac charts.

We provide an add-on service wherein the principles of Vaastu are applied or incorporated innovatively during the creation of the design solution for the building project. Relevant alignment of the designs following client’s zodiac charts can contribute towards a favorable property environment where there is joy, growth and prosperity.

Vaastu oriented design additives are an additional service that we offer depending on explicit requirements from the client.