Design Life Consulting

Schools’ Campus - Solomon Islands

Location: Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development (MEHRD) seeks to upgrade the existing and any new educational infrastructure constructed in Solomon Islands.

DesignLife Consulting Pty Ltd” along with “Geotron Pty Ltd” and “Equal Access Group” did a detail analysis of the project and suggested the right solution designed in the latest technology. DesignLife was approached by the Solomon Islands Government to design the school blueprints as per the current Australian guidelines and instructional method that is versatile to the Pacific ethos.

  • Senior Dormitory Senior Dormitory
  • Standard Composite Technology Classroom
  • Standard Concrete Technology Classroom
  • Dining Hall / Kitchen for Garanga School
  • CHS 4 Classroom
  • Classroom
  • Staff House 2 Bedroom
  • Staff House 3 bedroom

Infrastructure template buildings designed by DesignLife includes Educational Rooms, Specialty Technical Rooms, Dining Hall, Student Dormitory, Staff Accommodation. This also included people with disabilities or activity limitations. The overall structured was designed and implemented based on student physical body size, age and gender, as this influences furniture size and classroom spatial sizes.

The design was proposed in a unique manner which enables the university area to be accessible by all kind of conditions and abilities.