Design Life Consulting

Robust Living - Victoria

The scope of work was to develop specialist disability accommodation (SDA) that delivers assisted living for individuals with significant disability. DesignLife proposed a design which enables individuals to stay independently with complex and high supportive structures in the accommodation. The overall landscape included 3 large sized 750 sq.m blocks. The main idea was to structure 3 individual brick face houses which blends into the local suburbs. The houses are designed in a complete manner for robust living.

  • Recess lighting throughout the premises
  • Any electronic devices are all able to be locked away
  • Comfort living required reverse cycle
  • The straight circulation spaces such as corridors link directly from one space to another
  • Electric access control and keypads
  • All openings such as windows and doors have heavy duty materials and fixing

The interior designing is structured in a contemporary style to offer highest support by the specialist staff members. The accommodation is designed to deliver overnight onsite support and assistance to the individuals. The unit with bespoke accommodation for participants with NDIS and SDA High Physical Support. Robust Living is specially designed for people who have high sensory disability and psychological incapacity to limit the probability of receptive support. The SDA design category needs extreme support and the demands to assist the individual in every way 24 by 7.