Design Life Consulting

New Zealand Home

Contemporary Design

An urban size land which was approximately 825 meters was structured into an urban style large home. The house is designed to Vaastu and principles as per the Indian designing structures that align with its environment. The Positive energy through the external space in the house enabled me to live in a new space filled with ease and harmony.

DesignLife offered a beautifully designed house that exceeds luxury and richness. It is a contemporary design house that is a blend of culture and Vaastu. The interior design of the house is created uniquely when the interior colours and materials are based on the body type “Vaata, Pitta or Kapha” of the people living there.

DesignLife made use of its distinctive skills in maximizing the building design considering the difficult land size and shape. DesignLife made the design look effective and undertook various internal accessories and fittings to use the space to its fullest potential.

The design perfectly depicts the horoscope of the complete family. The house is structured completely with 5 bedrooms, 2 huge kitchen area, a laundry area, living room, study room, rumpus room, a beautiful balcony around the second floor, Alfresco, Separate storage space and car parking area. The house welcomes with a beautiful water fountain which brings good luck, prosperity and abundance to the home. The Structure was designed as per the horoscope of all the family member and accordingly the house design was evolved. The entire structure footprint was developed to ensure keeping in mind every aspect including the car access area.