Design Life Consulting

Pre-learning Modula School - Fiji

DesignLife undertook a high-level community needs study, where the vision was for the Central Community Hub to embrace a holistic care approach by including an Elderly Parent Day Care Center, an early diagnostic center, and a training center, and pre-school. . DesignLife proposed a design strategy to meet the immediate growing demand for pre-learning schools from the local population and the external community center and was engaged to develop a model pre-school that can be replicated in other local communities.

Design Features

The key design feature in the pre model school was:

  • Allowing the environment into the central core by letting light and rainwater
  • Transparent glazing structure that offers a magnificent view of the whole room
  • Efficient surveillance for the children
  • A veranda is proposed around the building creates shading to the external façade and provides a floor transition point between the natural ground and the building

The most unique part about this structure is DesignLife made use of elementary geometric forms within the area to enhance the cognitive development of the young occupants. The overall space is a beautiful house that can accommodate 20 students per pre-school building with a car parking area and storage facility.

The overall structure is constructed in a modular geometrical structure with reducing material wastage and encouraging simplicity in construction methodologies. The building is raised above the ground level to encourage sub-floor cross-ventilation. The vision for the Central Community Hub is to embrace holistic care by including an Elderly Parent Day Care Center, an early diagnostic center, and a training center in a single school center.

The design philosophy focuses on a couple of elementary aspects to enable the young occupant to connect their ideas and emotions. Vibrant primary colors are used which generates interest in the children to enjoy their time in the school. All the elements present in the structure highlight the enhancement of the five senses.