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Multi-Use Building Complex - Water PNG Limited, Papua New Guinea

The design attempted to align with essential commodity which is Water. The façade was an extrapolation of bubbles which at one point is denser and then would float out of the place where it originated from. This idea of bubbles densely packed and becoming less dense was applied on the façade from the corner billboard to across the east and west facades.

The other element of water is the ice water structure which is in a hexagonal shape, this shape was used on windows where from cross ventilation purposes.

Water PNG Limited (WPNGL) recently restructured the business operation to become the water supply and sewerage authority in Papua New Guinea. The authority required a modern multifaceted mixed-used building with specific functional outfit of water utility operations to house its Head Office business in the capital, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

The design scope was to create a concept design for this multifunctional office contemporary complex and provide financial modelling that can be implemented into a feasible procurement process.

An extensive analysis of the space brief to align WPNGL staff and the mix of the types of spaces was formulated, informing the floor area requirements. The space design extended beyond the office requirement, and the design proposed allied & non-allied, training, food court and social spaces. The concept design included underground car parking space for staff and public.

The form was developed into two separate cubes that was combed with a transition form, allowing WPNGL to stage the project building process. To create better light and air circulation a centralized circular atrium was proposed at the center of the two cube forms.

The concept design featured high quality indigenous aesthetics, implemented in the entrance ways and in the interior spaces.

WPNGL cart water to remote villages where infrastructure does not reach, from the adjacent subject site. The design incorporated the adjacent existing site with better access and link with the new proposed design to bring efficiency in the water carting activity.

The northern façade corner will face extreme heat and to avoid transfer of this heat into the building a large electronic advertising billboard was designed as a shield from the heat on the northern façade. This achieves the function and would enable WPNGL to communicate to the community about its business initiatives or create income from advertisement.

Brand building was key to the newly structured WPNGL and the design was responding to this by created spaces to be used by all different age groups and genders.

Space Provision for Volunteer senior and youth groups was created as a meeting point to spread the hygienic use of water. The design considered open spaces allocation for conferences, or trade shows for women and children group. To collaborate with local business communities, short term leasable meeting rooms and training spaces were created. The functional space use and design advocated to reach out and engage to the community and develop a brand within the PNG & the international community.