Design Life Consulting

Kindergarden School - Fiji

Project location: Fiji Islands
Developer: Shri Sathya Sai Organization

This particular project for Shri Sathya Sai School in Lautoka adheres to the idea of rudimentary learning that is aligned with the building form. DesignLife took up a concept that revolves around education by using Primary colours like Red, Blue and Yellow and Primary shapes like square, triangle and circle in the overall structure of the building. Kindergarten is a unique educational environment with a vision of rising achievement, raising aspirations and enriching partnerships between the child, teachers and parents. The overall environment was created uniquely with an abundance of natural light and sightlines through the building.

The storage area inside the school was designed in a very creative manner to help every child to open up and enjoy every minute they spend in the school. There was a separate set of open storage area with materials that were used by teachers and students on daily basis.

Special closed and personal storage area for office supplies, cooking utensils and cleaning chemicals. These storages are designed in a very secure manner that cannot be accessed by the students.