Design Life Consulting

Institute of Akanu - Nigeria

Location: Akanu Village, Ohafia, Nigeria

The Akanu Institute of Learning was set up to give a local area in Nigeria a professional instructive and preparing establishment that focuses on nurturing the disadvantaged youth and establish an ambience which will help them build their career. In association with local people, EQUALS International situated in Adelaide Australia have been instrumental customers carrying out this venture.

The Akanu Institute contains a land area of 11,270 sq.m and proposed construct space of 2200sq.m. The proposed configuration incorporates the meeting/gathering rooms, workplaces, 10 adaptable learning spaces with learning center territory, PC and science labs, special needs accommodation and outdoor sports & recreational facilities.

The overall concept of this institute of learning revolved around the Nigerian spiral energy form. Sustainability is one of the important aspects we have kept in mind throughout the design process. The area is structured flexibly by giving it an Arch shape. This will not only provide more space but also extend the university building from a single story to a double story. The university will have a dedicated solar panel in the terrace area.

To keep the university area ventilated DesignLife has included two large funnel structure to collect cool air from a higher altitude to the ground level and the floor is raised from the ground level. Low technology wind tower to replace air conditioning with low mechanical means for improved cooling. Take a ride on the green side at the upper frame structure.