Design Life Consulting

Improved Liveability Project - Bundoora

Dialysis is generally treated in a hospital however this Victorian project was the first to have patient’s dialysis treatment in their homes. The existing residence design requirements was to accommodate the necessary dialysis treatment, incorporate easy physical access and upgrade interior to addressing potential impairment issues.

DesignLife came up with a complete new design with special features that includes Improved Liveability housing addressing the necessary technology, power and water supply for the treatment machines. Critical success factor of the project was to ensure the back power would trigger should mains power supply shut down and not affect the treatment process.

Application of Improved Liveability SDA design principles were used to deliver a supportive and strong living environment suited to the long-term needs of the occupant. This entailed complete makeover including construction additional carport with ramps, enclosed bin area, change of to slip resistant flooring surface internally, improved lighting, way finding to entry doors and fit out for the dialysis machinery. The success of the project was designing and implementing the project with materials and special features that create a safe and diminishes the need for frequent reactive maintenance.