Design Life Consulting

Heritage House Extension

Heritage Overlay

Extension and redesigning of a beautiful heritage home to a comfortable contemporary style huge family home.

Designlife redesigned and renovated a heritage-listed Australian house. The approach was to adhere to legacy rules and simultaneously, had the option to mix both work of art and contemporary design components.

The living areas of the home are open plan and located at the rear of the home also includes a fireplace with an exposed flue at one end and open shelving at the other. The dining area where the family spends some quality time together separates the living room from the kitchen and adds a natural element. In the kitchen, the cabinets were designed with a subtle classic profile. The family house is designed in a complete contemporary manner considering the next two generations. A designated man cave underground basement floor with bar and entertainment area.

The symmetry, chromatics, materials, textures and the unitary balance have between new to old. The design intended to preserve and blend the unique existing building image to elegant clean lines.