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Full Accessibility - Victoria

The Victoria Full Accessibility SDA project inspires from the modular concept where the entire unit can be dismantled as and when needed. The entire unit can be restricted again as per the needs of the customer. The facades are constructed in a predominant manner with window cases.

The design matrix consists of 3 story structure. The Ground floor consists of car parks which enables more than minimum number of car parking space. The first floor consists of spacious 4-1 bedroom and 2-2 bedroom. The apartment is further extended to second floor which consists of 2-2 bedroom and 2- 3 bedroom. There are two bedrooms per floor for Onsite Overnight Assistance (OAA) to support occupants providing flexibility to residence.

The centralized lifts and stairs core is encased with large corridors providing easy access to each apartment. Each and every unit in the building contains a spacious contemporary living room, dining area, a classic kitchen, laundry space and bedrooms with ensuite study area. There are beautiful private balconies connected to each bedroom. The first floor also contains a huge communal balcony which is accessible for all the residents to host any kind of social events. The main success of this project implies in delivering high standard of detail design to achieve the necessary Specialist Disability Accessibility requirements.