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Find the best Professionals for Architecture!

We believe in aligning the human spirit with the building environment.

DesignLife is a registered architect firm with ARB, Victoria and Fiji Architects Association headquartered in Australia and branches

in New Zealand and South Pacific region. Keeping in mind your ideas and vision, we deliver the finest structures that you had always dreamt of.

DesignLife has wide experience in architecture designs, and client satisfaction has always been the firm's principal objective.

We strive to ensure that projects are delivered on time and as promised. Our efforts remain consistent during the project from beginning to end and your satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

Why DesignLife?

We work on projects across the Pacific region and are steadily venturing into other geographical zones. We design both residential and commercial buildings and spaces, as well as contribute to master plans.

Our residential design portfolio includes new houses, units, townhouses, extensions and renovations. Our commercial portfolio includes a range of buildings and spaces, such as childcare centres, cultural community halls, libraries, offices, large sports complexes and convention centres.

Our expert team would also be interested in taking up unfinished projects by other contractors.

How Does DesignLife work to make a dream of many ideas coming together?

We not only clearly understand the project scope, but also engage with expert consultants to ensure that environmental, planning and sustainability factors are achieved as per the requirements for permits and approvals before creating any designs or concepts.

Regular meetings are conducted with the relevant council stakeholder, and workshops with other related authorities are organised to ensure that the design is within the framework of required rules and regulations.

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