Design Life Consulting

Macleod Development

Urban Design

The building had an existing single unit and the main idea was to retain the existing facade being the first building in the area. The unit had a childcare area where the children had beautiful memories of their childhood. DesignLife helped in extending the single building and adding an extra unit to the existing building.

Some of the unique features which are included in the front unit to give it an urban look include a large fenced front yard, private rear yard with decked alfresco area, a sustainable car parking area, ducted heating, glossy timber flooring, high-quality carpets and a beautiful child care Centre. The front area fence includes a face visual which calls out children from the childcare centre to paint and create memories.

DesignLife offered an Australian Contemporary spectacular touch to the front townhouse which has the unique feature addressing sustainability initiatives and comfort living.

14 Sky st Macleod is a new visionary model for developing sustainable as well as livable homes. This townhouse has the potential to tackle some of the biggest challenges and a concept of living a comfortable life.