Design Life Consulting

Altona North Development

Location: Altona North, Victoria
Client: Ken Ching Ong

The scope was to demolish the existing timber house and provide denser accommodation by creating two side by side townhouses as per the latest style in red bricks. This project designed by DesignLife is a two-unit development on a land area of 600 meters has 5 bedrooms, double living and kitchen areas. separate parking area for both the units. The screening is used as a feature made out of plastic wood. DesignLife was involved throughout the project right from design, planning & building permit and project management. Special boards are installed which are formed to follow the wave pattern of the screen.

The house gets a unique look with red bricks placed on the front unit as per the client expectations. The main concept was to maximize land footprint and allow ample corresponding space and green area.

The building form was monotonous with a single roof which was shared between two townhouses. To give it a unique touch and not making it look heavier light shaded material pattern was used throughout the structure.